ServerCrate Customers: We're pleased to announce that ServerCrate's Minecraft division has merged into NetherBox. If you're a new customer, simply buy a server at NetherBox for a fantastic Minecraft PC/PE server. If you're an existing customer of ServerCrate, please open a support ticket at ServerCrate and we'll get you moved over to NetherBox.

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Powerful Hardware

The servers we use to host Minecraft servers are configured with hardware to make them run as efficiently as possible. Our team picked out high performance SSDs, RAM and CPUs to make your servers virtually lag-free.

Reliable Uptime

We have a team of technicians constantly monitoring our servers, to ensure minimal downtime. In the case of unexpected downtime, we deploy our team to fix the issue within an hour, ensuring your servers stay up.

Control Panel

Don't worry about editing config files or uploading plugins, our control panel allows you to manage your server with ease. Within minutes, you'll have your Minecraft server fully configured, ready for players to join!

Great Support

Our team of support technicians here to help you! Whether you have a question about one of our products, or an issue with your server, let us know and our friendly support will help you resolve any issues!