Server Slots Selection

The Minecraft Server Slots Selection addon is a feature which allows you to pick the amount of players your server can hold without upgrading your plan to the highest level. If you are on a budget, and you're looking to support lots of players, this is the addon just for you. 


How do I up the slots of my server with this addon? Once purchased, upping the servers' capacity is very easy. 

Step 1: Fully stop the server by clicking the stop button. 

Step 2: After the server is fully stopped, click on the "Files" dropdown near the left, and then click on "FTP File Access."

Step 3: Once you clicked on the "FTP File Acces" text, enter your Multicraft account password in the password blank.

Step 4: Once you have successfully entered FTP, click "Edit" to the right of the "" file.

Step 5: Inside this file, edit the value after "max-players" to whatever number you wish. Remember, this will ONLY work if you have the according addon purchased on your account. 

Step 6: After you enter the desired player count, make sure to save the changes by clicking the "Save" button near the top of your page.

Step 7: After you've properly saved it, head to your servers' main control panel landing page and restart the server. Once the server reboots, your changes will be in affect.

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