NetherBox Affiliate Program

By utilizing the affiliate program offered and available to all clients, you are able to earn money simply by having your friends, family, or social media audience purchase servers with NetherBox using your affiliate link.

If this is something you are interested in, continue reading because in this article, we show you how to get all setup.

1. An account will need to be created at Please note that your legal billing information and your full name are required to be able to use our affiliate system. If your full name and legal billing address are not used, we will ask you to do so before you're able to use the affiliate system.
Please note that if you have already registered an account previously by either purchasing a service or following step 1, you may proceed to step 2.

2. After you have created a billing account, head over to the Affiliates tab.

3. Once you have made your way to the Affiliates tab, simply click the green button labeled "Activate Affiliate Account."

4. Once your affiliate account has been activated, you will be presented with an affiliate dashboard that will assist you in seeing statistics about your affiliate link. The most important credential on this page is your unique affiliate link, which can be shared with your friends, family, etc. Your link will need to be used for you to receive the 50% of the server purchase.

Once your link is used for server purchases, you will receive 50% of the purchase total via your affiliate dashboard. There is no manual claim required to receive the 50% other than your link being used. As an example, if your friend were to order a $40 service, you will receive $20 via the affiliate dashboard.

Once your affiliate balance has reached a $1 minimum balance, you can request to withdraw your affiliate balace via the affiliate dashboard. Affiliate payments can be made to your NetherBox account credit or simply via PayPal. 

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